Doc Didymus

Singer Songwriter & Leadership Seminar Speaker

Doc Didymus

Singer Songwriter &Leadership Seminar Speaker

Doc Didymus the Unknown Local Legend

Doc Didymus is a Bard, Jongleur, and Folk/Blues/Ballad performer who has provided family friendly entertainment through out his travels around the world. The name Didymus is Greek for the Mid-Western American English name Thomas. The name was chosen originally to provide anonymity to protect his revenue generating business should his performance not be well accepted. But with his creative wit and mid-western charm he has entertained audience around the country. His forte are his songs explaining his experiences with Chick-fil-A cuisine.

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Besides performing as Doc Didymus, Tom is also a Franchisee of one of the most competitive industries in the United States. He has been a Chick-fil-a Owner/Operator for over 18 years and has had 15 years of consecutive growth in sales. He has won the coveted Chick-fil-A Symbol of Success Award twice, and he has also been the recipient of the Top of Chain Award for highest percentage sales increase. He is also referenced for Best Practices when referring to Recruiting and Retention of employees. To book Tom as a speaker, please send him a brief message with speaking in the subject line.

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